Why Are Golf Carts So Expensive? Are They Expensive As Cars?

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Why are golf carts so expensive? This is one of the most common questions among golfers planning to buy a golf cart. 

Golf carts have become a popular mode of transportation on the golf course. These vehicles are easy to use and efficient. As a result, they are ideal for players who want to hit the course as soon as possible.

But these vehicles can be very expensive, and maintaining them can also be challenging. So, how much do golf carts usually cost? 

The price can go more than USD 10,000 based on the type of cart you want to buy. Keep reading to understand why these vehicles are so expensive.

6 Reasons Why Are Golf Carts So Expensive

Why Are Golf Carts So Expensive

In general, golf carts come under a nice market. Besides, they are manufactured for a selected market. That’s why golf cart prices are going up with time. Speaking about some significant reasons behind this are:

Monopolized And Niche Market

If there are fewer golf cart manufacturers, there is a good chance the cost of a golf cart will go up. Products manufactured for a niche market are more expensive than other products.

For now, there are only three major golf cart manufacturers in the world. These are Yamaha, Club Car, and E-Z-GO. They offer superior quality carts made of quality materials.

But due to limited competition, they charge higher prices for their cart. They don’t want to attract buyers with lower budgets as their clients’ base is quite good.

High-Quality Parts And Modern Designs

Yamaha Golf Cart
Yamaha Golf Cart

How much do golf carts usually cost? The cost may vary from one cart to another based on their design and parts’ quality. 

Most golf carts had space for six persons, two-stroke engines, low-power golf cart batteries, and storage space for just a single golf bag. But now, modern and luxury golf carts are available with different engine options. 

You can choose between electric 36 volts or 48 volts engines, four-stroke engines, etc. Electric carts are the new trendsetters and come with some impressive safety features.

Besides, one can also customize golf carts based on their requirements. For example, if you have older models, you can modify them by adding some accessories, making them very expensive.

Golf carts are being improved constantly using the latest technologies to provide the users with maximum comfort and safety. Some carts are now coming with entertainment systems, navigation panels, set belts, etc.

Modern golf carts are designed to last for years using quality parts. This is another major reason behind the higher prices of golf carts.

Can you negotiate the price of a golf cart? This is possible, but you may have to compromise with some features or accessories. However, negotiation can be easier for you if you buy a used cart.

Cost Of Accessories And Equipment

While buying a golf cart, you may need to pay for different accessories and equipment. For example, driving range target, cart cover, balls, clubs, etc. 

The cost will vary. So, it is advisable to carry out extensive research before buying anything.

Besides, before making a final decision, you should compare the cost between different manufacturers and stores and purchase from the store that offers quality products at better prices.

EZGo Golf Cart
E-Z-GO Golf Cart

A personal golf cart made by EZ Go can cost you around USD 9000. You would get accessories like front and rear safety reflectors, turn signals, headlights, wrap-around bumpers, alloy wheels, etc. 

If you want to go for some additional add-ons, the price can increase from USD 10,000 to USD 15,000.

Specialized Upgraders

While buying a golf cart, you will want to make sure that the art is as high-quality as possible. But adding upgraders or additional items can add to the price, making your cart more expensive. 

For example, adding just a music system or stereo can make you spend around USD 250 more. On the other hand, a lift kit can cost you around USD 500; for off-road wheels, you may need to pay around USD 1000 for four wheels.

Don’t Forget The Shipping Costs.

Buying a golf cart directly from independent sellers who have a manufacturing plant in your area can cost you less than purchasing a golf cart from a seller in another state because you will have to pay the shipping cost. 

The seller generally pays this, and then the seller adds that to your golf cart cost. The amount can range between USD 300 to USD 600.

Golf Cart Repair And Maintenance

Like other vehicles, your golf cart also requires regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. You can save money and time in the long run by inspecting and resolving common problems. 

But you should look around and find the best and most profitable deals on golf cart maintenance services.

Should You Invest In A Golf Cart?

As per some reports, by the end of 2025, the global golf cart market will witness a turnover of more than USD 2 billion. With time, golf carts are also gaining acceptance as a comfortable mode of transportation. 

Besides, new golfers are buying both new and used golf carts. Are you wondering if golf carts have good resale value? Well, the answer is yes. The value will depreciate, but you will still enjoy a good resale value.

Final Words

As per the experts, golf carts will become more expensive with time, and you can see more high-quality carts made of high-quality materials. Until more brands enter the golf cart manufacturing market, leading to a drop in prices.

You can go for the standard model if you want to spend less while buying a golf cart. Besides, you should limit your luxury upgrades and don’t use many accessories. 

Most golf carts require a lot of maintenance, which is one of the primary reasons behind the higher prices of carts. You can also save money by getting a used golf cart.