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USGA Golf Senior Tee Box Rules

What Are USGA Golf Senior Tee Box Rules?

Most golf courses have different tee boxes: championship tees, middle tees, forward tees closest, senior tees, and back tees. But which one to choose?  That will entirely depend upon the players’ handicap and skill level. However, some amateur golfers feel shy to use the forward or senior tees.  But you should feel uncomfortable with this. … Read more

Can You Play Golf In Cold Weather

Can You Play Golf In Cold Weather?

Suppose you’re wondering whether you can play golf in cold weather! Playing golf in cold weather can be pretty enjoyable if you take the necessary precautions.  Many golfers call it a day when the sun sets early and the grass frosts. Winter golf can be fun if you see it. Clear winter mornings, quieter courses, … Read more

What To Wear Golfing In 50-Degree Weather

What To Wear Golfing In 50-Degree Weather?

The weather appears to be gradually cooling, and it could quickly drop to 50 degrees. As a result, golfers who hit the course early in the morning may experience cold wind gusts, though this isn’t a major issue yet. Cold weather will undoubtedly not deter the most ardent golfers. But, if you’re one of those … Read more

Advantages Of Left-Handed Golfers Playing Right Handed

Advantages Of Left-Handed Golfers Playing Right Handed

What are the advantages of left-handed golfers playing right-handed? Are lefties better golfers than the regular (right-handed) golfers? As per data, around 15 percent of the total population is left-handed. These percentages drop when it comes to golfers who play left-handed.  For a different reason, like most golf professionals and guides are created for golfers … Read more

Approach Wedge Vs. Pitching Wedge

Approach Wedge Vs. Pitching Wedge: When To Use It?

If you’re looking for a better understanding of approach wedge vs. pitching wedge, you’re in the right place. Every golf club that golfers carry in their golf bags has a unique purpose. All serve differently due to their club’s loft design, whether lob wedges, approach wedges, or pitching wedges. However, as a beginner, it might … Read more

What Is An Eagle In Golf

What Is An Eagle In Golf? Golf Term Explained

What is an eagle in golf? An eagle in golf is when a player sinks a putt from more than one hundred yards out. This rare occurrence can result in an exciting finish to any round of golf. Although they may seem daunting, mastering the art of the eagle putt can be the difference between … Read more

Best Left-Handed Golfers

The 10 Best Left-Handed Golfers on The PGA Tour

As per data, around 12 percent of total golfers are left-handed. Such a low percentage can make you think about whether you should play golf left-handed or right-handed. If you are a player who prefers to play left-handed, you should continue with the format.  If you think left-handed golfers can’t perform better than right-handed golfers, … Read more

Mizuno Vs. TaylorMade Irons

Mizuno Vs. TaylorMade Irons: Does Mizuno Make The Best Irons?

Mizuno vs. TaylorMade irons, which one to buy? Buying perfect golf irons that can offer precise spin control and better ball speed.  You need to choose the best manufacturer from the available options. But, of course, you can always go for TaylorMade or Mizuno when choosing the best manufacturer. Mizuno has dominated the market with … Read more