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What Is A Birdie In Golf

What Is A Birdie In Golf? Is Birdie A Good Thing In Golf?

What is a birdie in golf? As a beginner, you may have heard the term birdie and wondered what it meant. When you are playing golf, it becomes important to know about the commonly used terms of the game to improve your performance?  Don’t worry if you are unaware of this term because this post … Read more

Best Fairway Woods

5 Best Fairway Woods You Should Have In A Bag

A fairway wood is one of the essential tools spotted in the golf bags of both professional and amateur players. These are the key clubs that have been around since the start of the game.  Regardless of the skill level you are currently at, having the best fairway wood can dramatically enhance your game.  As … Read more

Best Fairway Woods For Low Handicappers

5 Best Fairway Woods For Low Handicappers

Generally, fairway woods are overlooked by most golf players, especially beginners and handicappers. However, they ignore the fact that the best fairway woods add great versatility and enable golf players to cover long distances in the game. Some people say a three wood is a low handicapper’s best friend. They can use it on the … Read more

Best Fairway Woods for Ladies

The 5 Best Fairway Woods For Ladies

Golf for women is not a strange concept. The most reliable tool in women’s golf is the fairway wood. They are the most consistent club types in female golfers’ bags. However, sometimes fairway wood isn’t as convenient for beginners. Making perfect direct contact with the ball is an all-around challenge for beginners. This happens due … Read more

Best Fairway Woods for High Handicappers

5 Best Fairway Woods for High Handicappers And Beginners

If you wish to cover greater distances and add versatility to your game, fairway wood is the best option. Fairway woods for high handicappers have many alternatives, making this a difficult task. Our evaluations looked at fairway woods’ design, length, head, and loft. These qualities greatly influence a fairway’s overall performance and ease of use. … Read more