What Is A Golf Club Shaft Replacement Cost? Can You DIY?

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Golf Shafts are usually replaced at professional golf shops, and the average golf club shaft replacement cost ranges from $20 to $80, depending on your requirements. Some shafts can even cost more than $500. 

However, the cost factor can differ according to the material too. Generally, the graphite shafts cost more than steel shafts.

Shafts can have their features, which can further differentiate the price value. But if you already have a perfect golf shaft with all the unique features that suit you, you can always choose to replace the shaft independently. 

It would be an easy project that can save you money and time without purchasing new clubs.

However, if you are not sure you can do it about how to replace the driver shafts, you should take it to a professional golf store that knows what they are doing. 

If it’s only one to two clubs, it would not cost you more than the tools and equipment you would be buying for the DIY technique.

Then how to evaluate how much does it cost to replace golf shafts? You must consider the pricing factors and other services with new shaft replacement to know the answer.

Golf Shafts Can Be Of Two Types

graphite vs steel

Steel Shafts

The steel golf club shaft replacement cost is less expensive than the graphite shaft. However, the cost also depends on the type of steel shaft you are replacing. The cost of a steel shaft can range between $20 to $80.

Steel shaft golf drivers are heavier and more durable than their graphite counterparts. It would cost you more if you chose to re-shaft the entire golf gear made of steel.

Graphite Shafts

As mentioned above, it can charge you more to replace the graphite shaft re-shaft than steel. It is extensive manufacturing, and the material involved makes them expensive shafts. 

You can expect to spend about $40 to $100 if your steel club is re-shafted with a graphite shaft.

Additional Cost Involved With Replacing Golf Shaft Driver

When you re-shaft golf clubs, you would also require a new grip on the driver. You can’t expect to keep up the grip you have mastered and pass it on to another club. Hence, you need to regrip your club, which might cost you around $10 to $15.

Next to the regripping, you can’t avoid the labor cost that comes with golf club shaft replacement cost when you take it to the professionals. This payment can fall between $15 to $40 based on where you are getting it done.

Now you can evaluate the total cost and determine whether you want to spend that amount or look for ways to save the money for driver re-shaft. 

You can either choose to re-shaft a driver yourself or confirm whether your shaft can be covered with a warranty.

If your golf driver is very new and broke down since you applied too much force in your swing, you can most likely cover it under warranty.

When Should You Replace Your Golf Club Shaft?

The golf club shaft has a major impact on the golf performance. The power your grip offers the shaft ultimately transfers to the clubhead to make a shot.

Thus, having the right golf shaft is essential to keep your shots consistent and know when to re-shaft the golf clubs. Here are some instances when you should replace the shaft.

  • It’s quite obvious, but you should replace it when your shaft breaks and is beyond your repairing limits.
  • If your ball flight alters with significant changes and your shots are not delivering expected outcomes, you might need to replace the golf club shaft.

In addition, consider changing your club shaft or old club so you would be more skilled with your swings whenever your swing mechanism changes. Check into the local golf shop to know the golf club shaft replacement cost. But if the budget does not suit you, you can re-shaft the golf club yourself.

So, how can you replace a golf club shaft? Let’s find out below.

Re-Shafting A Golf Clubs

Heating the golf shaft

When you take your golf driver to the golf shop, you can expect to pay as little as $20; however, you should purchase the shaft from the shop with additional re-shafting service. So you might pay more.

This might be a frequent instance if you play often. Hence rather than buying new shafts, you can research and buy the necessary tools and apparatus as a one-time investment to replace your driver shaft. 

Tools and supplies you would require are:

The re-shafting technique involves two processes.

Taking Out The Old Shaft

To replace the shaft from your old club, you need to detach it from the clubhead. Most clubs have their driver head attached to the shafts with an epoxy-based adhesive that you can soften with heat application using a butane torch. 

But before that, there is a small plastic ring present in the shaft, and the hosel is called a ferrule, through which you can insert the shaft. You will need to cut the ring loose to separate the shaft.

Installing The New Shaft

Once the shaft is unfastened from the head, you can install the new shaft by making accurate measurements. You can use a hacksaw to cut as per the necessary measurements so that it would be of proper length and sand the tip or fill it to offer traction. 

Afterward, apply epoxy-based adhesive on the hosel and insert the shaft into the clubhead.

Verify the alignment, then keep the driver in an upright position for at least a day, which would promote the epoxy to get fully set.

Golf Club Shaft Replacement Cost In Conclusion

The cost of golf club shaft replacement can vary depending on the type of shaft you choose and where you buy it from. 

However, it’s typically a relatively affordable process, and there are many ways to save money on it if you’re willing to do some of the work yourself. 

Replacing your golf club shaft can improve your swing and help you hit the ball more consistently, so it’s definitely worth considering if you’re having trouble with your game.