Learning To Play Golf At 60 (or Older) To Stay Active In Retirement

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Learning To Play Golf At 60

Is there any real upper age limit to play golf? Is it possible to learn to play golf at 60?

Well, the answer is yes. Learning to play golf at 60 is absolutely possible!

Thanks to modern technology, the golf equipment manufacturers and golf facilities are now offering more support to the new players and anyone who considers taking up this sport. 

More than being a hobby after retirement, this game has become an engaging sport for the elderly. So, are you ready to start playing golf and make your first golf swing? 

Here are some useful tips that can help you with that.

Learning To Play Golf At 60? 9 Tips To Get Started With This

A senior is hitting the ball

Some people may think playing golf at 60 is a difficult thing, but as per the experts, people can start playing golf whenever they want.

Playing golf after 60 can also be a good idea for you if you don’t get much time to play golf when you were young. 

Well, younger players will most likely outperform you, but there is nothing to feel bad about as you are learning to play golf just to stay active and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. 

Here are some useful tips that can help you get started and make some new golfing buddies.

1. Check Your Health Condition First

Golf is a good way to maintain your physical fitness and other health benefits. But you need to make sure that you have a perfect health conditions to play this game. 

Your past injuries can create obstacles. So, you should consult your doctor and carry out a health check before beginning golfing. You should also understand your heart condition. 

Besides, you will have to follow the recommendation given by your doctor to begin a comfortable and safe golfing journey.

2. Understand The Basics Of Golf

Some people may think it is very awkward to learn golf basics at 60. But the fact is you will enjoy it. 

You might have a little experience playing golf, but that will not help you in the real-time game but understand the modern technology in golf as well.

With time, people tend to forget important golfing skill sets. Playing golf requires regular training so that you can perform better

So, how to do that? 

You can get in touch with any local experts or join golf clubs to explore more about this sport. Just keep in mind that you can play golf at 60.

We strongly recommend you to check out the book The Modern Fundamentals of Golf by Ben Hogan.

3. Get Your Golf Swing Right Before Hitting The Course

You should spend some time understanding the driving range and attaining proficiency in swing speed. 

With this, you can start playing golf confidently. Having a great level of confidence in the swing and basic techniques to comfortably stand up and hit the ball enable you to relax when you hit the golf course. 

When you are relaxed, making a perfect swing will not be that challenging.

4. How About Taking Some Online Lessons!

Don’t worry if you can’t join a golf club or don’t have access to a golf trainer. Many courses offer online lessons on golf. 

You can easily find many training videos (here’s our recommendation) and golf lessons to learn to play golf at 60 from the comfort of your home. 

Besides, you will also know to make a perfect swing, about golf equipment, golf clubs, iron, grip, and more. 

Besides, some videos can teach you some basic techniques to play golf. You can also follow any golf guide to explore more.

5. Go Slowly

Most people are in a rush to hit the golf ball into the hole or drive a golf ball for 300 yards. But remember that this is not good for a person at 60 a swell as a beginner golfer. 

Rushing in this sport means you will make mistakes. Learning to play golf at 60 can take time. So, have patience, and you can play better golf within a few days.

6. Get Your Golf Bag Ready

Get Your Golf Bag Ready

Getting your golf bag ready means you need to buy all the necessary golf game equipment to enjoy some good golf games. 

How many golf clubs are in a bag that I should have?

For every golf player, it is important to have gloves, tees, golf balls, clubs, and more. Choosing the right tool can be a little difficult for you but always focus on the product’s quality. 

You can consider the offline and online reviews of the products to know the quality.

7. Develop A Good Posture

Without developing a proper posture, you may not be able to hit the ball. First, you need to hold the grip of the club properly. 

And while standing, ensure that your feet hold bodyweight equally. If there are any inconsistencies, you will make the wrong shots or aggressive swings.

8. Choose The Best Golf Club For You

Remember that not all golf clubs are equal and different levels of players use different golf clubs on a golf course. 

As per the experts, people above 60 should use a lightweight club. 

You can swing a heavier golf club, but you should begin with a lightweight golf club to develop the movements. Understand the clubs, features, and benefits of each club type. 

If you need some recommendations for the right golf clubs for you, check out our articles below:

9. Set The Target And Hit The Golf Ball

To increase your chances of winning the game, you should make fewer shots. For that, before making your golf swing, you should set a target first so that you can play minimum shots. 

While hitting the ball, make a perfect swing by properly rotating your body and arms. Always try to hit the ball using the club’s middle part.


Playing Golf at 60 can make you enjoy some health benefits, and you can maintain your physical strength. You will not lose your physical-psycho stamina. 

Besides, it allows you to make new friends, which is a good social aspect of golf. 

So, get your health check done, arrange all the golf equipment, and hit the golf course now. Enjoy your free time by golfing.