How To Hit A Golf Ball Higher With Irons

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How to Hit a Golf Ball Higher with Irons

If you are having trouble getting your golf ball to launch high into the air, you are not alone. It can be tricky to achieve those beautiful shots if you don’t have the power and strength necessary. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve these shots.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when trying to launch your balls higher than before. If you want to learn how to hit a golf ball higher with irons, keep reading for some helpful information and tips.

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How To Hit A Golf Ball Higher With Irons

First, you need to figure out your starting position. You will want to stand close to your golf ball so you can swing straight down and hit it. Make sure your feet are as far apart as your shoulders and make sure the ball lines up with your toes. You should be standing about one or two inches closer to the ball than you normally would. 

You will start with the ball lined up between your feet, then slide it one or two ball lengths towards your front foot. You will also want to make sure the ball tee is raised two to three inches from the ground. 

Slightly bend your knees so you can position your iron underneath the ball. If you stand straight, you will have a harder time getting a high shot. Raise your front shoulder so it is higher than your back and tilt it to move your center of gravity back.

Tilt the clubhead away from you just a little bit to increase the lift and height of the ball at the time of impact. If you are right-handed, aim slightly to the right of the ball. If you are left-handed, aim slightly to the left of the ball.

Loosely grip the iron and remain loose through the swing. Shift the majority, about 60%, of your weight to your back leg. This will make it easier for you to stay behind the ball during your swing to increase the height. Rotate your hips and shoulder back for power, bring your hands behind your head, and swing with your whole body.

Tips to Hit Higher with Irons

Tips to Hit Higher with Irons

When you are trying to hit your golf balls higher, you need to know what to pay attention to and what to change in order to increase the height to where you want.

Increase Speed of Swing

The quickest way to increase the height of your ball is to try increasing the speed of your swing. If your swing is too slow, you will have a harder time getting your ball up into the air. This will also impact the distance that your ball travels.

You can try to increase your speed by training with irons that are different weights over a period of time. It is recommended to train for about 15 or 30 minutes every other day. You can see an increase of speed as high as 8% by the time you are finished.

If you can’t increase the speed of your swing on your own, you might want to consider a weighted iron that can increase your speed without needing extra effort from you. With an iron that has weights, gravity will do the work and help you increase the speed of your swing.

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Play the Ball Forward

A common mistake made when golfing is to hit down on the ball. This will make it extremely difficult to increase the height of the ball during launch. To do this, you will want to try to keep your back shoulder lower than your front shoulder. 

There are three key things to keep in mind when trying to perfect your golf swing. First, you need to control the low point. Next, you need to control both the start line and the curve of your ball. Finally, you need to have enough speed. 

You can test out a few different ball positions and stances until you find one that works best for you but playing the ball forward will give you an advantage.

Increase Angle of Launch

It can be tricky to figure out the proper launch angle for a higher shot, but with the help of a launch monitor, it gets easier. A launch monitor allows you to see the angle at which your ball is launching and the maximum height it will get. This will help you determine how you need to change the angle for the best launch.

To increase the angle of your launch, playing the ball forward will be a huge help. Keep your right hand from shutting down the face of the iron and tilt your shoulders back until your back shoulder is lower than your front.

The Trackman table below shows the ideal launch angle and spin rate for maximum distance for 75-95 mph Swing Speeds:

Trackman Driver Fitting Chart

Pick a High Target

This is a fantastic way to increase the height of your ball. Focus on something in the distance that is high such as a tree or a building. By adjusting your aim to the top of this object, you are registering in your mind that you need to hit the ball higher. Your body will naturally adjust to respond, and this will result in a higher shot.

Make Sure You Fully Release

When playing into a high wind, you will notice that they tend to hold their release to minimize the loft during impact. In order to make your shot higher, you need to do the opposite and follow through with your release. Play the ball forward and tilt slightly back to increase the height of the launch.

As you get more comfortable playing the sport, you will be able to do this more efficiently. Golfers with more experience are able to adjust their setup, ball positions, and release to get the shot they want with ease.

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If you are trying to learn how to hit a golf ball higher with irons, you might be overwhelmed and frustrated when it isn’t working how you hoped. Luckily, there are some easy fixes to this problem. 

You can adjust your stance and swing with more speed to increase the height of your shots. If you can’t increase your swing speed on your own, look into an iron that is weighted and designed for people with slower swings.